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Experience nature without the mess.

With a unique modular design you can stack and expand a beautiful indoor garden and grow plants year-round.

From office desk or herbs in your kitchen, the Smart Garden fits into any lifestyle

LeGrow’s Smart Garden lets customers pick and choose what their eco-system looks like, design and build it, then watch it grow.

Let there be light! The lamp contains 2 LED bulbs which automatically light up for 6 hours everyday.

What’s more, having a humidifier indoors can improve the air that you breath too, benefiting your lungs, overall health and even reducing dry skin.

Combining nature with modernity. Say goodbye to ugly power sockets and cables, and instead charge your smartphones, tablets, or any other USB-powered device via your plants.


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LeGrow Charger – The perfect starter kit for your desk. With 3 hours of battery life in just 5 minutes, improve your working environment by adding a little useful nature to your office. Early Bird: $35, Regular: $39

LeGrow Shine  – Grow what you want, where you want. Thanks to the adjustable LED lamp and style, you are in control of your Smart Garden.  Early Bird: $59, Regular: $69

LeGrow Spring – Purify and improve the health of your plants and yourself with LeGrow’s Spring set. The humidifier adds moisture to the air, aiding tropical plants, delicate flowers and people suffering from dry skin. Early Bird: $69, Regular: $79

LeGrow Office Green – Be the envy of your colleagues and work better with the perfect office set. Grow anything, improve the air quality from the LeGrow humidifier, reduce stress levels and charge up to 4 devices at once.  Early Bird: $99, Regular: $129

LeGrow House Green – Bring nature into your home. De-stress and detoxify your home with LeGrow’s house green garden. A fun set including 2 LED lamps and a humidifier allows you to grow anything indoors. With 17 pots you can choose the style and how high your garden grows. You can even split the garden up, with herbs in the kitchen and flowers in the living room. Early Bird: $159

LeGrow Isa Chan Limited Edition – Own one of few limited edition Smart Gardens from famous designer Isa Chan. This set is great for commercial spaces or those who love design. With 4 LED lamps, 1 humidifier, 36 pots and 2 charging stations this limited edition Smart Garden is also comes with videos and drawings from Ms. Isa herself. Own one of 10 sets today for only $392.




by Summer Rayne Oakes

Hi Haobin Lin, Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions about LeGrow. This will go live on homesteadbrooklyn.com.


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It can be combined like the LEGO,fits the demand of free decoration, and its color can satisfy you and peace your mood.

Mr. Per Karl Johan Bertilsson, Dean of NCS School of Design Executive of CMG,the Color Marketing Group in the United States