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Dear distributors and agents, thanks for your support and bring LeGrow to everywhere in the world.

I am the designer Lin Haobin. Before 2017, I was fully responsible for the development and design of LeGrow products, production management and exhibition distribution. But I don’t have much retail experience.

By 2018, we have achieved successful retail experience from excellent global partners and excellent department stores, and gained online sales experience from a number of US Amazon partners.In addition, our three self-operated stores started operations in the second half of 2018.We gradually mastered the terminal sales experience. Although the experience is not comprehensive enough, I already hope to talk to you face to face.

First, we categorize by sales channel:

E-commerce  (Color box package suits without plants)

Department stores  (Color box package suits without plants)

Plants stores  (No color box, including plants)

Australian distributor and Hao Bin

Australian distributor and Haobin

3 points of the department stores

1. Display

1 meter round table

1 meter round table


LeGrow products need to have a certain combination of display area, in order to form an atmosphere to infect consumers, so I recommend that the display desktop width is not less than 1 meter.

The scenes of less than 1 meter are not enough. I think I would rather not do this kind of sales area. Of course, if you can produce high conversion in a small area, please contact me and teach me how to do it.

As you can see, as long as you have such a display space, the attraction is no longer a problem, and 70% of the people passing by will stop to observe the scene.

In fact, the best display width I think is 2 meters, there is enough space for display the package set with color boxes, one-to-one display, and the color box is placed under the sample.

Canton Fair’s display desktop

2. Information transmission

Whether the audience is out of beauty or out of curiosity, they open their eyes, excitement and pleasure to look around, hoping to find useful information from the exhibition scene. This is the most critical sales opportunity, if I am there, I will first promote the top 3 main products on display, and I will only tell you the most selling point of these top 3 products such as: indoor sunlight, fresh breath after rain, charging dock for the whole family, clock powered by plants…

Selling keyword label

Then, I will tell you later that you can choose one or more package sets you like, and these sets can be designed and combined by yourself.

There are 3 points here:

  1. Display the main promotion package set on the front of the desktop independently.
  2. Paste the selling point introduction card in front of the main promotion package set.
  3. Make the keywords of the selling point into small cards separately, stick them on the bamboo sticks or stir sticks, and insert them into the corresponding growing pots.

Printed materials for Department Stores

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3. Promote the transaction

If there is a promoter at the booth, the first message from their mouth should be the selling point keyword mentioned above, and then he or she should observe which one or those selling points the consumer has interest, and then tell the consumers that different package sets can be combined to convince customers to buy multiple packages.

But if you can’t provide a promoter, we currently recommend that you place an iPad to play the LeGrow introduction videos, you can choose the old model such as iPad 4 for promotion. 

Video for department stores

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Product introduction video

The above sales layout, if it appears in the right place of sale (middle and high-end shopping malls), facing the right consumers (25-40 years old middle class), has a fixed residence and the pursuit of quality of life, can produce very efficient retail efficiency.

Plants Stores

This is a very good cooperation,

Good Product + Good Plants = Good Consumer Experience = Good Sales

At the same time, you also win a very good partner, you do not need to worry about how to offer the match plants to the consumers who like LeGrow.

As a plants shop, in addition to earning profits on LeGrow product sales, they can also earn profits from plants matching, the happiest is the follow-up plant service.

So finding a good plants shop is basically a success.

In terms of product availability, you can provide unpackaged items for florist and plant stores so they are more efficient to operate.

On the sale, the florist will match the functional parts according to the needs of the plant variety, and the whole set will be sold. The guests will feel the WYSIWYG, and at the same time put a small card under the combination, there is a clear price, this group of products Selling points, even the list of accessories, in addition, consider the insertion of small selling points cards.

Printed materials for Plant Stores

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In addition, there is another important market that is the green decoration of commercial space. The plant shop can easily design a green decoration scheme suitable for the space according to the size and needs of the commercial space.

Sales Online

Good picture has been successful half.  Pictures for Online shop

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The other half is the description of the interests of the consumer after purchase. 

Product selling point introduction

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The final is pricing, pay attention to the price of your competitive products. If you judge that your product is more competitive, you can rest assured that a higher price than the competitor instead of considering pricing yourself. Provide discounts at the right time, discounts are the most direct weapon to improve conversion, so please consider the space for discounts when pricing.

In addition, to prepare a discount coupon for new customers. Because of the product’s series of advantages, the opportunity for customers to repeat purchases is quite high

In addition, updating your social media images from time to time can also continue to generate concern for consumers. Below is the image information we have prepared for you, and we authorize you to use it at any time.

LeGrow social media pictures and feel free to used

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Thank you for reading


Content Writing: Haobin Lin

English translation: King Liang

December 11, 2018


One more thing

We designed a display rack to specifically sell a product to a suitable place, such as a bookstore, coffee shop, furniture store, decoration store.

The material is a metal stent painted and treated with an exportable wood.

We are ready to mass produce 50 pcs, a single fee of 50 US dollars, if you need, please contact King Liang.  kingliang1228@gmail.com




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