LeGrow System


Plants & LeGrow Pots

Choose plants with a diameter of 8cm / 2.4 inches. And removal of transport basin pot.







LeGrow Lamp

It automatically lights up for 6 hours every day and starts counting from the power-on.


Light intensity


Effective range of lamp


Lighting combination scheme


LeGrow Humidifier

LeGrows compact, beautifully designed humidifier adds moisture to the air and also acts as a water storage device for convenience. Small but powerful, this humidifier can release more than 30 ml of water per hour for up to 6 hours. It automatically shuts off when out of water and will resume when refilled. A must-have for all indoor plant enthusiasts. What’s more, having a humidifier indoors can improve the air that you breath too, benefiting your lungs, overall health, and even reducing dry skin.

LeGrow Power

LeGrow Power Pot is a safe power. It provides 4 USB ports with DC 5V, 36W total output power. Input voltage is 100-240V AC.


Effective waterproof


Combination Suggestion