LeGrow Family

Plant Selection and Maintenance

Choose plants with a diameter of 8cm / 2.4 inches. And remove the nursery pot.

whatever it is a dry succulent plant, desert plant or a fern that likes water.


Pots Setting


You can choose absorbent fiber and soil separator according to different plant types.


Watering Tips


Watering the succulent plants after a week of transplanting it into new pots.
After watering, put it outdoors and ventilate for half a day. Watering one time a month.

The Green leaf plants & carnivorous plants which are planted into soil or moss, place it into the water and ensure soaking into the water about half a pot height for 5 minutes once a week, let the soil/moss fully absorb the water. Watering one time a week.

The Best Way to Water

Focus on the root zone. Remember that it’s the roots that need access to water, not the leaves. Wetting the foliage is a waste of water and can promote the spread of disease.


LeGrow Lamp

It automatically lights up for 6 hours every day and starts counting from the power-on.

Light intensity

Effective range of lamp

The most economical lighting combination


LeGrow Humidifier

LeGrows compact, beautifully designed humidifier adds moisture to the air and also acts as a water storage device for convenience. Small but powerful, this humidifier can release more than 30 ml of water per hour for up to 6 hours. It automatically shuts off when out of water and will resume when refilled. A must-have for all indoor plant enthusiasts. What’s more, having a humidifier indoors can improve the air that you breath too, benefiting your lungs, overall health, and even reducing dry skin.




LeGrow Power

LeGrow Power Pot is a safe power. It provides 4 USB ports with DC 5V, 36W total output power. Input voltage is 100-240V AC.


Effective waterproof

Power Switch



  1. Do not let water enter the silicone air duct.
  2. Do not plug the Humidifier into the QuickCharge USB port.
  3. Each power supply only supports one humidifier. If there are 2 humidifiers, 2 power supplies must be used.


Combination Example


1、A small part of the humidifier may have parts falling off during transportation. How to install correctly?



  2、The humidifier glass bottle was accidentally broken, how to buy it?