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10 Reasons - Why you needs indoor plants & LeGrow?

1、lncreased productivity
*A study form exeter university found that employees were 15% more productive when working in an office with only a few houseplants.
*The researchers found that employee performance on memory retention and other basic tests experienced a substantial improvement. Some of the information source: FLOWERCARD.CO.UK

LeGrow Shine – For the Plants Lover.  Plant growth lamp contains 2 LED bulbs, which can automatically be turned on and off to provide the light source — similar to sunlight — it can help the plants grow effectively indoors.

2、Reduce background noise
*a little known function of plants is that they can actually help to reduce noise. In fact,they cound reduce noise levels in your office by as much as five decibels!
* They do this by absorbing sound waves, which creates a much less distracting environment for your employees to work in.

LeGrow – Improve the working environment 

3、Cleaner air
*introducing plants into the office will also help to increase the air quality in the office, reducing CO2 levels by as much as 50%.
*They’ll also help to reduce all the nasty stuff such as dust, bacteria and mould which would otherwise be being inhaled by you and your colleagues.

LeGrow Spring – For the Office lady.  Purify the air indoor. Increase humidifier improve the dry skin problems, and make the water-like plants grow better. As an added convenience, the container used to store water for the humidifier can also be used to water your plants with.

4、Increase creativity
*Another study from the university of exeter found that creativity increased as much as 35% when houseplants were present in the office.
*this could be because they help us to feel more relaxed and calm, which puts us in a more creative mindset.

LeGrow Smart Modular Desk Plant – Build a smart garden rignt on your table.

5、Reduced sickness
*indoor plants also have health benefits, and can help to reduce the amount of sick days your employees take by as much as 50% and minor illnesses by 30%.
*The fewer days people are taking off, the more work everyone will get done.

LeGrow – A Healthy Lifestyle

6、Reduced stress
*a recent study found that indoor plants can also boost our mental health and reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue.
*the presence of plants simply makes a space more calming to be in, making us more comfortable and happy to be at work.

LeGrow Charger – Improve a Workplace Environment

1, Quick Charge Tech promises 3 hours of battery in 5 minutes.
2, Charging up to 4 devices at the same time.
3, Safety power,anti water splashing.

7、A reminder of the great outdoors
*being cooped up in an office all day isn’t the healthiest way to spend your day, and it can become easy to forget how beautiful the outdoors can be, especially in a big city.
*Having a plant at your desk will remind you of the joys of the natural envionment and give you an all-round feeling of wellbeing.

LeGrow IsaChan Limited Edition – For home and commercial cetner decoration.

Large package for players or commercial spaces.Contains videos and drawings.

8、Impressed clients & visitors

*your office isn’t just about you and your’ll likely have a number of clients and other visitors passing through the doors every day, so why not jazz things up a bit for them with some attractive indoor plants.


LeGrow House Green – For home and commercial cetner decoration. Fresh & Green ECO landscape.

Indoors planted in a small-sized package that provides sunshine, air conditioning and watering.

9、A cooler office
*on a hot summers day, indoor plants can actually help to keep the office temperature down.
*this is due to a process called transpiration, where moisture is released from the plant into air as vapour,and helps keep the room at an optimum humidity level.


LeGrow – Fresh & Green ECO landscape. Indoors planted in a small-sized package that provides sunshine, air conditioning and watering.

10、A more desirable workplace
*While other factors will rightly be considered more important, the design and layout of an office is actuall very important in whether someone chooses to work for your company.
*As many as a third of people have said that an office layout would impact if they wanted to work there, so it’s definitely worth thinking about.


LeGrow Office Green – For office and home decoration. Indoors planted in a small-sized package that provides sunshine, air conditioning and watering.


by Summer Rayne Oakes

Hi Haobin Lin, Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions about LeGrow. This will go live on

CF Design Gold Award 2016

It can be combined like the LEGO,fits the demand of free decoration, and its color can satisfy you and peace your mood.

Mr. Per Karl Johan Bertilsson, Dean of NCS School of Design Executive of CMG,the Color Marketing Group in the United States

Too much travel can make you feel topsy-turvy but for right now, I’m home. *view photographed through the glass humidifier of the LeGrow plant system.

Summer Rayne Oakes, Model,Plant Whisperer


Design Stroy

During my travels, I have always felt a personal closeness with nature and the landscapes that surrounds this vast planet. How do I bring this feeling for nature, that I have fallen deeply in love with, back into the confines of my own home? It is within the last two years that I have played a lot with indoor plant cultivation and how to incorporate it into a TableGarden design. And with this, is the creation of my product — LeGrow™.


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