With a unique modular design you can stack and expand to match your lifestyle.

The Smart Indoor Garden For Any Space



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Create & Recreate

Modular Design

The LeGrow Smart Garden is a complete indoor garden ecosystem. The garden itself is a modular setup where each individual planter pot acts as a building block. This allows you to stack, expand, and build your garden into limitless creations. 

The ecosystem includes advanced planter pots, LED grow lamps, umidifiers, and a unique Power Pot with 4 USB charging ports.

Growing Pot
  1. A growing pot with an integrated an internal water reservoir that can hold up to  30 ml – this means you can water them less frequently and save time. Also great for forgetful people.
  2. Breathable pots to simplify planting, and allows any species of plants to thrive.
LeGrow Lamp
  1. Brightens any area, with ‘sunlight’ automatically stimulated for 6 hours per day.
  2. Assists indoor plants lacking light, as the LED 2 bulb lamp aids in stimulating the light conditions for photosynthesis – great for indoor and winter growing.
LeGrow Humidifier
  1. Works in harmony with plants to keep them moist and purify the air.
  2. The LeGrow Humidifier package addresses the #1 cause of dying indoor plants (lack of moisture) and is the missing link to growing plants indoors. A must have for all  indoor plant enthusiasts.
  3. The cool spray mist can increase the indoor humidity, and helps to relieve dry skin problems related to indoor heating or air-conditioning. A humidifier can also improve the air you breathe, benefitting your lungs and overall health.
LeGrow Power Dock
  1. The main power source of LeGrow gardens.
  2. 4 USB plugs suitable for any USB-powered electronic device.
  3. The USB ports support fast charging and are waterproof so it’s safe to water plants while charging.
Magical Plant Clock
  1. No batteries! The clock runs from energy generated in a chemical reaction between metal electrodes and mud.
  2. Great for children and teens to become scientists and learn how to generate power from nature. A fun science experiment.
Water capturing tray
  1. No mess. Captures excess water for later use and prevents spills.
  2. Can be added to any LeGrow product (one size) to change garden designs.
Design Stroy

During my travels, I have always felt a personal closeness with nature and the landscapes that surrounds this vast planet. How do I bring this feeling for nature, that I have fallen deeply in love with, back into the confines of my own home? It is within the last two years that I have played a lot with indoor plant cultivation and how to incorporate it into a TableGarden design. And with this, is the creation of my product — LeGrow™.


by Summer Rayne Oakes

Hi Haobin Lin, Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions about LeGrow. This will go live on homesteadbrooklyn.com.


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CF Design Gold Award 2016

It can be combined like the LEGO,fits the demand of free decoration, and its color can satisfy you and peace your mood.

Mr. Per Karl Johan Bertilsson, Dean of NCS School of Design Executive of CMG,the Color Marketing Group in the United States

Too much travel can make you feel topsy-turvy but for right now, I’m home. *view photographed through the glass humidifier of the LeGrow plant system.

Summer Rayne Oakes, Model,Plant Whisperer